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Starting Tuesday February 11, 2020 the 3003 PPCLI Army Cadet Corps cadets will shoot a series of 20 targets over the next 6 weeks to help hone our skills and prepare us for the Provincial Marksmanship Competition in April.

This competition is open to ALL 3003 cadets.

A huge thank-you to MWO Aiden Franz for approaching the Support Committee with this fantastic Corps fundraiser, and for organizing all of the details!

Cadets – if you want to participate, please download and print the Pledge Sheet and Info Sheet. Mark Coleman will also have paper copies of these available at Tuesday Range Nights.

Pledge Sheet
Info Sheet (to explain what we’re doing)

How it works:

  • 10 targets will be shot while standing
  • 10 targets will be shot while prone
  • Results will be updated and tallied weekly
  • At the end, we’ll announce the results fort each participant. Cadets then have 2 weeks to turn in their pledges.

Stay tuned for weekly updates and shooter scores!